My girlfriend Al looooves The Dave Matthews Band. She went to her 1st concert in 1996 and his missed one and only year because Dave took a year off. When a mutual friend could not use her ticket I was the lucky winner of a night out with Al featuring some amazing music at an amazing venue. 

DMB were their own opening act, doing an acoustic set 1st then plugging in and rocking it out. We had lawn seats, and gotten there a bit late so up to the top we went!

As the second set started I received a very exciting text to meet a friend of mine at the top of the pavilion, before we knew it……..

We were transported! The lead singer from Blues Traveler came out for What Would You Say

That was amazing! DMB also did a cover of Sledgehammer that bleeeeeww my mind!


We danced and sang and people watched! The fans were as much fun as show.


Then we waited for the encore, lighters have given way to cellphone flashlights!

Back they came with some more amazing music and said a hardy good night shaking hands and signing autographs. 

It was soooo fun!!!


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