My girlfriend Al looooves The Dave Matthews Band. She went to her 1st concert in 1996 and his missed one and only year because Dave took a year off. When a mutual friend could not use her ticket I was the lucky winner of a night out with Al featuring some amazing music at an amazing venue. 

DMB were their own opening act, doing an acoustic set 1st then plugging in and rocking it out. We had lawn seats, and gotten there a bit late so up to the top we went!

As the second set started I received a very exciting text to meet a friend of mine at the top of the pavilion, before we knew it……..

We were transported! The lead singer from Blues Traveler came out for What Would You Say

That was amazing! DMB also did a cover of Sledgehammer that bleeeeeww my mind!


We danced and sang and people watched! The fans were as much fun as show.


Then we waited for the encore, lighters have given way to cellphone flashlights!

Back they came with some more amazing music and said a hardy good night shaking hands and signing autographs. 

It was soooo fun!!!


Best 4th of July IN a Foreign Country EVERRR!

With the light of day streaming in across the river I took our new friends out in the light for a little, let’s see what I can do with these pix….



IMG_9052 IMG_9053 IMG_9054 IMG_9055 IMG_9056 IMG_9057 IMG_9058Arent’ the gorgeous? The top on the Johnnie is my fave, it is heavier then it looks.

Soon after all woke up, Aunt Schel made and AMAZING breakfast! YES SHE FED US ALL! Canadian Ron did do the Canadian Bacon, it was delicious!

American Ron hung out on his phone, Canadian went straight to work, and Aunt Schel cut my hair so that it did not look like yarn anymore!  The weather was beyond perfect, so once Canadian Ron joined us it was out on THEIR NEW BOAT!


Canadian Ron expertly drove us down the river directly between The United States and Canada!


The first landmark was The Ambassador Bridge


Second was the Detroit Skyline, specifically the Ren Cen


Third was Caesars Windsor!



IMG_9075 IMG_9077

IMG_9084IMG_9097 IMG_9100 IMG_9101

Even Kodi enjoyed himself!! We finally decided to park and tie up to some lovely people!

IMG_9103IMG_9106This guy had the most ingenious use for his fishing poles, he puts beads on them to fling to women! HAA HAA!!


So much fun in the sun!!


When we returned there was a 20 foot “branch” in the boat launch! It was really a tree, it was HUUUUUGE!!

After much back and forth with the Coast Guard….grrr….Canadian Ron and Aunt Schel were the heroes in the end getting it out and in to the current


We then settled in to another round of fabulous fireworks and more Johnnie and Sinatra on the balcony. It was a glorious day spent with glorious people!


Tons of Fun In Canada!

As said before, we hit the Duty Free on our way over to Canada we found some GOOOOOD goodies!


We already own the Sinatra, but plan to age it, when we saw it at such a great price and know that Canadian Ron would love it we could not pass it up. Seems Johnnie wanted to come along for the ride as well!

Canadian Ron liked The Johnnie Walker best, American Ron, Aunt Schel, and I were keen on the Sinatra. Both were incredible, the Johnnie was a bit too smooth for me, I like to punch me across the face! True and proper tasters would call it a bite.


We enjoyed our company and cocktails with the first of many fireworks show!

Here We Go!!

Ron graciously drove my car over the Ambassador bridge 


Once at Border Patrol, he handled himself well enough they let us through, where we figured out how to turn the car to metrics! Then promptly got a chill…. 


22 degrees!!???!!?? Ha ha!! It is Celsius!

Being Contrary in Canada

While almost everyone in Detroit is headed North for the 4th of July weekend, Ron and I decided to head South… Canada! 

My lovely Aunt and Uncle Boo Boo live in Amherstburg, Ontario directly on the water. Something told me that we would see more Independance Day fireworks from their balcony then anywhere else we know of. 

We were not disappointed! It was far, but we had a spectacular show of 3 different exhibitions!! While we fed our faces with yummy evening snacks and extra fancy scotch and whiskey from the Duty Free shop!

The Duty Free shop also has something open on the weekends!
We bought Aerobeds for $20-30, a lovely shower curtain for $5, king sheet sets for $17! It was very exciting! 

Pirate Parade!

Oma and Ed have always wanted family to come and experience the Festival, Ron and I enjoyed the parade as we got in at the tail end of the Festival. However it seems it’s all weekend party down to Billy Bowlegs and krewe capture The Mayor of Fort Walton Beach! maybe next year….

“It started out as a water skiing festival in 1953, and has turned into one of the nation’s longest-running and most popular pirate festivals. Sponsored by the Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce and its annual sponsors, the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival always takes place on the first full weekend in June. People come by land, sea, and air to join in this family-friendly event.”


Ron being bored and having fun with the candy!





Went for a smoothie and a hand wash


Check out my beads!!